Trash Service
Posted on Apr 2nd, 2018

Trash can and recycling service is provided by Bay Disposal through a contract with the County and paid through your taxes.  In-season, from May 1 to Sept. 30, pick-ups are Monday and Friday with roll-out / roll-back service beginning June 1.
In the off-season from October 1 to April 30, pick-ups are Monday only and with roll-back service only.  Cans must be rolled out to the street for pick-up.
Recycling cans have yellow lids.   Do not overfill or leave bags outside of container.  The pick-up truck only takes trash that is inside the can; the drivers do not get out of the truck.
Bay does not sell containers (or ‘carts’).  They do, however, rent carts annually for $5 per month per cart for trash and extra recycling.  There is a one-time delivery charge of $65 if no container is currently present.  Turnaround time for delivery of carts is one to three days.  Included in this rental price is the repair or replacement of damaged carts at no extra charge.  If the cart is missing, there will be a $ 65 replacement charge plus delivery fee.  Those renting with Bay have a sticker on their cart.
Recycling:  The County provides one recycling container per household.  Since this container is considered leased from Bay by the County, if that container becomes damaged, Bay will repair or replace it at no cost to the owner (provided there is one currently at the residence). The County does not provide any trash containers, just the one recycling container.
If you’d like to purchase your own cart, arrangements have been made with Home Depot to give Currituck Club owners a 10% discount which will bring the cost from $90 to $80.  Just ask for the assistant manager or manager and tell them you are a TCC owner to receive the discount.  The carts at Home Depot will be the same color as those from Bay.  The trash cart is green and the recyclable cart is green with a yellow top; they are 96 gallons with a side bar and top lid.   It should be noted, however, that the cans from Home Depot are not as strong as the ones provided by the County and do have a tendency to crush easier with the claws of the truck.
You may contact Bay Disposal directly at any time with questions regarding renting trash and/or recycling carts, or call the Fitness Center for questions regarding the roll-out / roll-back service.
Corolla Customers:   252-491-5105   (office is in Powell’s Point)